George Soros and Antifa - What is their endgame?

So, Soros is funding Antifa. Here is the evidence that this senile chaos-merchant is greasing the palms of these violent (and ironically somewhat fascistic) leftist thugs:

So why does he support Antifa?

Ostensibly, Soros was a huge backer of Hillary Clinton and therefore destabilising the country might be seen as a kind of revenge against the Trump administration.

Personally however, I don’t think Soros particularly cares about Hillary Clinton now that her supply of political capital is exhausted having lost to Presidency to Donald Trump against all odds.

There is nothing ideological about Soros. Sociopaths don’t have political convictions. He merely creates chaos for profit and power and cares not about the wider world around him.

From when he shorted the bank of England, to when he funded literal Nazis to overthrow the Ukrainian government as part of the Maidan revolution - I see no rhyme or reason behind the political horses he backs other than the fact that they replace peace with chaos.

It’s like a perverse form of insider trading, with the world acting as the stock exchange and various nations and cultures representing the stocks going up or down. When you wield his level of political influence it isn’t difficult to judge which ones will rise or fall. Because you decide which ones rise or fall.

So there must be one or more aspect of the Trump administration that is damaging Soros’ bottom line.

Nearly a billion dollars of his fortune was almost immediately wiped-out after his favoured Clinton was defeated in the Presidential race. This was during a huge American stock boom, when all of his fellow traders were raking it in.

Not Soros though. He always puts his money where his mouth is. Or, more accurately, supports candidates who will boost his portfolio.

That, of course, doesn’t sound unreasonable. However, Soros doesn’t ‘support’ candidates in the same way that other rich and powerful men ‘support’ candidates. Instead of opening his chequebook for lobbyists and peaceful movements, he does it for violent thugs.

Soros represents the politics of destruction, rather than progression. The politics of burning buildings rather than building your own.

His ‘Open Society’ Foundation does create open societies. Though, sadly, they are only open for plundering.

More Antifa chaos is coming…

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