Despite media and GOP narrative: DC protest was mostly peaceful


The corrupt swamp establishment has once again found Unity with each other.. condemning thousands of peaceful pro-democracy protesters fighting for election integrity in dc and around the countr

These protests come after weeks of verified evidence of election fraud and sustained questions about the integrity of many of the electoral votes.. the protests featured thousands of peaceful protesters organizing in front of the Capitol building singing the national anthem and holding signs demanding Congress to do the right thing..


Cnn reports riots. The people on the ground say otherwise


From interviews to photos- it was mostly peaceful.

only a small number of people actually breached into the capital and while that was technically illegal they caused almost no damage. They hurt nobody. and they spent the majority of their time taking selfies rather than Burning Down the buildings like antifa and black lives matter protests have been known to do.. but that doesn't stop the GOP swamp from condemning them and trying to paint them as violent extremists.. painting it as violent protests and playing up the fact that out of tens of thousands of people they found one person with a weapon on them.. of course they won't mention that Obama's black supremacist black Israelites showed up carrying baseball bats. They won't mention that far left protesters breached the capital during the kavanaugh hearings.. they won't mention the times that black lives matter burned down a police station..


No they have found Unity with the Democrats once again condemning their own supporters after they became passionate about a cause rather than just donating money to the gop..

This is because the GOP is nothing more than a marketing scam. A fundraising scheme much like an MLM marketing scam.. They tell their supporters things that they don't personally believe in in an effort to get gullible people to donate money to the gop.. and then they always become horrified when the GOP base moves beyond them and actually becomes passionate about issues rather than just throwing money at a corrupt Republican Congress..

make no mistake.. these protests were mostly peaceful. And even the people that did break into the capital we're also mostly peaceful. Contrast to a black lives matter protest there were no buildings set on fire. There was almost no damage. And the protesters themselves hurt nobody..

But that won't stop headlines like "four dead at violent protrump protest"

attempting to paint the narrative that pro-trump people killed somebody. That could not be farther from the truth. The only person shot was a trump supporter shot by violent left-wing police while they guarded an empty room..

She was a 14-year air Force veteran from San Diego who owned her own business.. she was only in DC to protest what she saw as the destruction of America's democracy.. and the police shot her for it.

meanwhile there's no condemnation of the police for doing so. There's no GOP senators criticizing the police the way they criticized police for justifiably shooting the violent Jacob Blake- you won't hear a condemnation or support the way you would for black lives matter. You won't hear people talking about how these people were justifiably angry and it was mostly peaceful. No. Even the corrupt GOP is turning on their own base. Even GOP reporters are turning on their own supporters. Trying to smear peaceful protesters as violent extremists while making excuses for actual violent extremists that set up a seditious no cop zone and burn down stores in portland..

the circular firing squad is typical of the GOP and it's one of the reasons they can never have a movement.. while the left circles the wagons and defends their own people and left-wing Congress people such as Nancy pelosi and Maxine Waters openly call for violence of their supporters and defend their supporters when they commit violence- the GOP has no such loyalty.. when right wing activists march on the capital there's condemnation from the Republican senators.. when right-wing activists get passionate the GOP sets up circular firing squads and trips over each other for who can stab the most people in the back..

the GOP does not deserve the passionate supporters that it had. These people that are willing to march on the capital and put their own safety in danger for a party that clearly doesn't care about them. For a president that tells them to go home instead of defending his own claims of election fraud..

For a congress that will condemn them for supporting the things that they spent a month talking aboutt

these people don't care about you. They don't care about america. They want money and they saw it as a giant fundraising scheme.. they don't deserve the passionate activists that marched on the DC capital for them.. and the DC activists deserve better than them.. it's time to abandon these corrupt people that don't care about you.. it's time to abandon a corrupt Republican party that hates you.. if they don't care about you then you don't have to vote for them. They don't deserve your support. you vote for whoever you think best represents you. No matter what party they're from. And if that means voting against every single member of the GOP then do it. It's time to stop being loyal to a party that's not loyal to you.. Congress is supposed to represent the people. The people are not supposed to represent congress..

A famous quote is that when the government fears the people you have freedom.. when the people fear the government you have tyranny.. it's time to stop supporting tyranny. It's time to stop supporting the GOP..

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