Post-Skeptic Paranoiaism

An ideology for the utterly brainwashed intellectual in the darkest-age of humanity yet.

Look left, look right, look down at your feet and sob with hopelessness. There was never any chance to rise up to the glorious stars.

It was all a lie. Everything was a lie. Every religion. Every politic. Every social movement.

All gods are false. All politicians are liars. Every social movement is nothing more than humanity fracturing further.

And who is guilty? Do you look to the scheming politician that you voted for? For the religion that you once believed in? To the social movement that claims true utopia this time?

Or do you look right at yourself, the one guilty of believing the lies and the madness?

The darkest truth you might ever hear is that all of us are guilty, and this guilt is so universal, it might as well not matter in the first place. You're innocent now. Thought-crime is fake. All-crime is fake.

Speak your mind, whatever it is. We probably all secretly agree anyways. Not that we know if what we think is true actually is true.

Am I supposed to be skeptical at this point? Simply doubting the veracity of all things? Doubting every thought and idea I think or hear? Of course.

Even doubting you, them, myself? Until what? Until proven? Proven by whom, exactly? The media? The scientific community? The illusion of "We The People?"

Don't make me laugh. Because I will. That's just how it is. Why shouldn't I?

Why shouldn't this be darkly hilarious? The darkest joke of all life on Earth was either the Dinosaur empire falling to a heckin' rock from the sky, or humanity's own murder-suicide.

No, it must surely be humanity and the most beautiful and supreme civilization that we created, and then deliberately destroyed as we believed every pointless lie and performed every needless toil, destroying each other, yet being so philosophically inept as to not even have a clear answer as to the meaning and purpose of life in the first place.

As if every bad thing that was ever done was done out of sheer foolishness, rather than even deliberate falsity.

And yet, can you deny that deliberate falsity does not exist?
What if it is deliberate? Those bastards. And you went and believed them.


In a world ravaged by religions, governments, conspiracy theories, and popular social movements that seem increasingly unpopular, it becomes obvious that there is indeed a deliberate attempt to sow discord and falsities. Yes, falsity on purpose. This is called "lying." Apparently it's more popular than I thought.

And it's just as hilarious to think of the ridiculous naivety of those who speak falsities BY MISTAKE, as if they just don't know any sort of truth, but merely BELIEVE they know! Oh, it's just the saddest laughter to hear someone say something that's just plain WRONG, but they think it's RIGHT!

Ever been in THAT sort of position before?

Yet, shouldn't there also be a truth somewhere? It's not that I know what this truth is. It's simply the conclusion that SOMETHING ought to be true, right? If not "true," then at least... at least something is happening. I feel it moving in the dark waters, slithering around my feet.

So that's where the paranoia sets in. What conspiracy, what wicked deeds, what schemes, what plots, what ideologies are valid, and what are deliberately concocted to brainwash, enslave, and decimate us all? Is "validity" what we are looking for? Sincerity? Or do we just want a functional agenda, no matter if it's good or evil?

How can you tell the difference?

Let's not be daft! Of course you can't tell the difference between a true ideology and a false one. You think YOU know the difference between truth and falsity?

Look how STUPID you are! Aren't YOU the masses? Oh yes, me as well, but when I refer to "the masses," the idiot, brainwashed masses who believe every lie: That's YOU! Look how WRONG you humans are time and time again, yet "this time" is different? I think we both know where skepticism fits in at this point.

If nothing else, we can cut out the naivety.
The only sane option to consider them all false.
Consider everything false without compromise.

Yet, if every ideology and conspiracy is indeed false, then why do they still exist, even if we could settle this and say, "Right and left is a lie, and here's why."

Shouldn't that be it? Now we all know. I just told you. It's all a lie.

Every religion is false and there is no god.
Every politic is false, and all politicians are liars.
Every social movement is false, and the more you virtue-signal, the more suspicious you look.

Wait, are you telling me that even ONE person still believes in an ideology or some sort of magic, even after what I just said? Does this make every dark conspiracy true? That there is someone brainwashing you to actually continue to believe this nonsense? Because I just TOLD YOU IT'S FAKE. AGAIN.

Am I supposed to just accept that "the masses" are idiots? What an easy answer. Of course it's true though. Yet, surely there's more. Even if I myself were an idiot, it doesn't mean I can't be skeptical and disbelieve everything, nor must I be naive enough to not be gripped with some level of paranoia, simply for the fact that it might all be true.

If even ONE conspiracy or agenda is true, then... My paranoia is justified.
And like I said, at least SOMETHING must be true, right? I'm shivering with fear at this point.

Of course every belief contradicts another. So that's why this philosophical essay has been written.

To give affirmation that yes, this world is indeed utterly brainwashed and corrupt.

Yes, the masses are indeed idiots who will believe literally anything, no matter how wrong, insane, false, and even wicked it may be. ANYTHING.

Yes, it can be said that all organizations have some sort of agenda which is only for their benefit, and never for yours.

It could be just as true that every belief is false on principle.

That all ideologies are false just from the nature of being ideologies.

That if you actually believe ANYTHING, you're a fool.

The foolish masses can be tricked into anything, no matter how insane, no matter how violent, no matter how wicked or cruel, or even idealistically naive.

Aren't WE the masses? YOU! And even the rulers are not more than human. The masses of humanity are all fools, even those with such petty, mortal power. Even the most schemey of schemers are still mere mortal animals with mere mortal minds.

Yet, if you believe that this world is fine as it is and that no dark agendas exist to obscure truth and give rise to falsity, then you'd be just as foolish. Foolish to think that they won't trick your family, friends, and neighbors into whatever the next most popular little culty ideology is. They're everywhere.

Dark memetics are flowing through our population, and every word is a lie, every idea is wrong, and every hope is false.

Look left, look right, look down and weep.

Welcome to Post-Skeptic Paranoia.

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