"Fiery but mostly peaceful" -CNN

CNN left the real of being an actual news agency about 5 years ago. I don't think anyone, even if they are a fan of the quite obvious political bias that is CNN portrays, would bother trying to argue against this very evident point. These days it isn't just a question of whether or not CNN is going to approach a news situation with a completely biased point of view, it is just a question of how far they are willing to go.


You know what is currently ablaze that was set intentionally and is also "peaceful?" Other than your barbecue grill absolutely nothing. Rational people are very aware of this fact and when you put a reporter on the ground that has to have (almost certainly) armed security in order to cover that "peaceful situation" you can all but be assured it is not, in fact, a peaceful situation at all.

CNN absolutely refuses to cover these riots in the various cities across the United States with any sort of journalistic integrity and honestly, we wouldn't really expect them to at this point. It is very well-known to anyone that realizes what CNN is that they are definitely pursuing a particular world-view regardless of what the situation happens to be. They don't do any research, they come to a conclusion and then they find the information that they need in order to attempt to make that viewpoint true. When they can't find that information, they simply invent it using "anonymous sources." When they can't even hide that, they outright lie right to your face when the polar opposite is literally in the background behind them in the shot they are currently broadcasting.

super peaceful

I will admit that I didn't actually watch this CNN clip because I wasn't trapped in an airport and subjected to the whim of the television screens that CNN almost certainly pays to have their news stories featured on. I don't have to watch it because I, like most people am already aware of what sort of conclusion that they are going to come to if said topic can be considered even remotely political.

The situation in Wisconsin at the moment isn't necessarily political but it has been made as such as the Democrats are doing everything in their power to try to convince the minority, and in particular, black population of the USA believe that there is some sort of racial reason for them to vote the way that CNN so clearly wants them to. However, personally I think that this lie-filled broadcasting and the events themselves (which could be covered in a somewhat neutral manner if CNN was interested in doing so) are accomplishing the opposite of what the BLM perpetrators might be hoping.

CNN is basically the laughing stock of the big 5 news stations and while they still have some level of viewership, they get taken to the whipping post every night by basically all other news networks. I'm not just talking about Fox, but the other liberal stations destroy them in the ratings as well.

At this point I look at CNN's reporting and start to feel as though they aren't even trying to be a news source anymore and have accepted the fact that they are losing this battle of ratings and have decided to embrace their territory as the tabloid of the major news networks... for now. When i say "for now" i mean that CNN, once Trump is not President anymore whether it is this year or 4 years from now, is going to struggle to have an identity. They have be come the anti-Trump station and really don't have a great deal to offer aside from that... What will they do once he leaves office?


CNN's decision to try to paint a city on fire from riots as "peaceful" is beyond absurd and could only come from them. I don't think that even MSNBC would try to make such a reach after they were lambasted for attempting to call a protest with a police station on fire in the background as "mostly peaceful."

CNN is facing almost entirely negative pushback on this even from other liberal networks but I would bet the farm that I do not have that they will not change their ways. This is what they are now and rather than just occassionally doing something dumb and needing to issue a retraction, they are going all in and are reached the level of full-time dumb.....


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