25 year old football player to challenge long-time GOP Congresswoman

If there is one thing I know about politics that I really hate it is the fact that to those of us that bother to pay attention can realize that there is very rarely a changing of the guard and the people that are in power have this wonderful method of staying there. This is why we end up with people in Congress for 10,20, and in the case of Jesse Helms, even 30 years.

When you look at all the things that we have accomplished in those years (I'm being sarcastic) it kind of makes you wonder, why TF are we still voting for these people?

Virginia Foxx has been in the House of Representatives for nearly 16 years and for someone like me who has lived in North Carolina for my entire life I can say that I feel that she, while being a conservative (which I like), she has accomplished very little of note in that time. Seeing as how I have never even heard of her until the news was announced that a somewhat famous American football player was planning on challenging her in 2022, it makes me feel as though she needs to go, and I feel the same way about just about everyone else that has been in Congress for a while.


His name is Bo Hines and he is merely 25 years old. I don't really have a problem with young people running for office and there is nothing legally stopping him from doing so, although I think it will be an uphill battle that his opponent is definitely going to try to exploit.

Bo Hines was a relatively decent wide-receiver for North Carolina State and well, over here in Eastern North Carolina that kind of works against him since NC State is the rival school of my college and favorite shitty football team, East Carolina University Pirates.


I suppose that it is a good thing that the district that he is running in is way over on the western side of the state, so any bad blood related to his playing for a team that absolutely whalloped us back in those years won't be held against him. I am of course speaking in jest because I wouldn't let a silly football rivalry affect my decision on who to vote for anyway.

One of the things that he is focusing on already in his run is that he is talking heavily about big tech censorship, which a lot of people, including me, feel as though is unfairly targeting anyone who has a conservative point of view. This will win him big points with anyone in the Republican party regardless of how old they are especially since there has been so much made of Trump being banned from every single social media platform.

Another thing that he said that really resonated with me and honestly, it should with everyone else, is this statement:

"The American people are fed up with entrenchment. They're fed up with people going to Washington and staying there for decades,"

There are very few people out there in Congress that are calling for term-limits in Congress and at the moment there are zero limits for terms in this. Why would anyone there vote to limit the amount of privilege that they are entitled to? This topic just kind of gets shuffled under the rug and honestly, the voters should demand that it be talked about more frequently.


I have to admire his go-out-and-get-em attitude because Bo hasn't even finished law school yet and will graduate just before the elections next year in 2022. This guy doesn't waste any time.

I am not even allowed to vote for the guy because he isn't in my district but I would vote for him because my voting practices aren't very complicated. With very few exceptions I vote like this: If there is a Libertarian running for office, I vote for them. Otherwise I vote for whoever is NOT the incumbent. This applies only to primaries of course because I would vote for an old shoe filled with broken glass before I would vote for 98% of Democrats.

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