Today’s musing minute: Post liberalism


The ascendant post liberalism ideology has diverse adherents, and even more people who, while not committed supporters, are extremely reluctant to condemn it. At the root there is the perception that it is propelled by noble intentions stemming from “liberalism" proper. There is the feeling that the passionate supporters may sometimes wax extreme, and stray outside of the appropriate liberal boundaries, but that their intentions are good, and like irresponsible adolescents they should be indulged and tolerated until the phase passes. To be strident in condemnation is to risk the validity of one’s liberal credentials, even worse to perhaps raise this suspicion of being a racist.

This reluctance to confront and condemn is arguably even more dangerous than the subversive ideology itself. It manifests a lack of understanding concerning the connection between intentions and results. It is certainly most likely true that many who have signed on to the post liberalism agenda of dismantling and remaking the traditional institutions of America, do not comprehend the enormity of the destruction they propose. They are most likely (with notable exceptions) “well-meaning”. And that is exactly the problem.

A rudimentary understanding up the functioning of modern capitalism includes an understanding that it is not from good intentions that we get good results, but from the diligent attention that each free individual devotes to the improvement of his life. Only in free market capitalism does the pursuit of self-interest and profit redound to the benefit of others overtime and over space, as in the remarkable global economy that we now enjoy. It is not from charitable intentions that poverty is reduced. A distorted view of capitalism is what is motivating the post liberalism ideology and the reluctance an inability to condemn it. It is not only that good intentions are not sufficient for good results, it is much more that these good intentions entail the violations of individual liberty and due process and sound understanding, that produce terrible results, including the destruction of economic value and the perpetuation of poverty.

The challenge for classical liberals is to try somehow to penetrate these formidable erroneous presumptions to establish an understanding of what is at stake and how important it is to recapture the core civil principles of America

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