Poetry and Words - To Lift Us Out Of The Old And Into The New!

Here in lies the moment when the seal begins to weaken,
when the veil that holds our reality intact
begins to fall,
sensing the despair,
ripe in the air,
we begin to waver,
towards our moments of reveal,
to lose our sense of self
until the reckoning begins.
that lead us towards our weaknesses,
so that we can scale the walls of our demise,
And rediscover who we really are,
to dip our toes into the darkness of our being,
and realign with our greater purpose.


As we continue to navigate our way during this time of upheaval, during this huge transition. There will be many things that will continue to unsettle us. We will face many fears, as we witness our transformation. This is such a powerful transformation, where we will come face to face with who we really are. With the decisions that have led us to this point!

We most choose between living in fear or love? Choose which reality we desire for our own. In a time, when there are forces trying to convince us that we are weak, we must hold strong to our strength and carve our own path.


To remember that we are powerful,to see beyond the lies and manipulation and nurture ourselves. To take back our voices and reconnect with our light. To release all that has been holding us back.

Each day, a new beginning, a new opportunity in which we get to choose how we react, how we live our lives. As we swim amongst the uncertainty of what lies ahead, we always get to choose how we react to each day. Be it out of fear or love!

Our choices,
commanding the way in which we live our lives,
waves of realization,
lift us out of these feelings of despair,
We are opening up,
as we weave our stories
and command our courage.

Each day, a new opportunity, a new day to express our gratitude. A new day to create our reality. To release all that no longer serves us. To create each day anew! Because at the end of every transition we are born anew, we just have to go through the motions first. To ride these waves and nurture ourselves along the way.

To lift us out of the old and into the new!

We are healing ourselves, exposing our wounds and our weaknesses, so that we can pass through these moments of doubt and emerge so much stronger than before!

as you reach beyond the limits
that brought you to where you now stand,
opening yourself up to what lies within,
each step
leading you closer to the shadow that resides
to the warmth of the darkness
that creates you whole!

inching towards the distortion
the chaos that feeds our soul,
allow yourself to drift off into it's embrace,
shake off the last dregs of self control.

rise and fall
Breathe and let it all fall away!