Mercury retrograde takes Binance down

venus saturn mindnight blue w gold graphic pixa.jpg
All hands on dex it’s going down
new captain Sun to wear the crown
is Justin time delivery
just what we need now Ned’s at sea?

But wait dear crew there’s something more
our Steemship’s not the only core
IOTA too has run aground
their Tangle now makes no more sound

dead in the water sitting duck
if you’ve invested – down’s your luck
unless the bots keep it afloat
IOTA now a zombie boat

If you think that’s all to my tale
then wait a moment – this will pale
compared to Binance taking strain
“unscheduled maintenance” again

five hours now or maybe more
the biggest crypto trading floor
deserted stopped in time and space
no reason, CZ saving face

Is this a hack, how are my funds
are they all SAFU? Nothing runs
man overboard, no more onboard
for any crypto overlord

I fear the worst, hope for the best
will Binance pass their biggest test?
Was it a hack, was someone paid
or Mercury just retrograde?

For when our muse Mercurius
goes stationary in his bliss
he brings the whole show to a halt
three times a year, it’s all his fault

Now retrograde for just one day
already there’s all hell to pay
in cryptoland my sovereign state
can I withdraw, is it too late?

Or do we simply wait and see
if Mercury shakes us all free
the next 3 weeks could turn the tide
until he turns again, Let’s hide

If Binance doesn’t come back soon
it could delay my coin to moon
it fact it could collapse the bull
like Mount Gox FUD with all its pull

so nothing to be done but wait
to see if STEEM and TRON will mate
or if IOTA turns back on
or Binance where I short my long

Mercurius you tricky muse
I know this is your retro ruse
to let the bears now have their way
we’ll live to trade another day