Dream of the white dragon

dragon white cloud pixa.jpg

White dragon warrior rise and awake
claws of the eagle, scales of the snake
enter the dreamtime discover the clue
you are the dragon the dragon is you

Open the door to the forgotten realm
full speed ahead with captain at the helm
steer the fleet shoreward to uncharted land
Saxons arise, time to make your last stand

Black lodge devourer, purity force
set sail for Albion, keep to your course
City of London, you too shall fall
You’ve seen the writing on this blog wall

Angles and Saxons now your time has come
back from the dead, have you counted the sum
untold bold heroes don’t veer from your quest
by the god Odin your sword has been blessed

Power and glory with treasures untold
not for the weak but only the bold
seek out the kingdom now you wear the crown
dying in battle brings you great renown

This is our swan song, as black as the night
white dragon rider, blinded by your light
flee feeble Christian to emerald gates
Saracens back to your desert estates

Horak like Horsa and Horus before
back from the dead to even the score
Death cannot stop us, eternal we are
Time has no meaning, nor near or far

Pick up your banner, once more you will fly
lightning bolt wielder you light up the sky
drive out impurities crush the disease
dragon breath coming soon many will freeze

I’m but a messenger, winged and unchained
bathed by the sun, under Helios ordained
enter the dragon with tongue like a sword
words are my weapons to strike a new chord

Here me now citizens of the new age
your time is ending as fate turns a page
history will note that the twenties did roar
yet after corona you’ll be heard no more

(image pixabay)

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