Captain Sun and the Steemtron bomb

whale in lightbulb pixa.jpg

The writing’s on the wall now lads
the skipper’s ditched the ship
Today could be our last now mates
Sun is the new chief whip

Our Steemship now with captain Sun
of Tron’s amazing fleet
I fear each day could be our last
yet never admit defeat

Our Sun so loves to crack that whip
usurping witnesses
just like a small dictatorship
or his own little biz

To pump and dump away we go
bittorrent leads the way
so do we too abandon ship
or get as rekt as they

our old devs gone now three or four
like rats all overboard
I might just follow now that we
have our new overlord

Farewell steemship it’s been all write
in fact we’ve had a blast
So maybe still just one more trip
with Justin at the mast

Let see how this young pirate bold
dictates our course from here
decentralize is for the wise
but this guy’s such a queer

I have no faith in words or ads
it’s figures now and stats
that impress me not popularity
but code and cold hard facts

So pump this coin like all the best
in your portfolio
it’s to the moon just like the rest
unicorn here we go

(image pixabay)

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