The Motherhood Highway

***Welcome to the motherhood highway,
Where everything is surprisingly crazy.
The unexpected twists and turns,
The sudden stops, prepare your horns.

The road is unpaved, it's quite bumpy,
You better be ready for it'll get messy.
Breathe in, breathe out that's how you do it,
Prepare for the worse and the worst to hit.

Learning to drive in this wonderful highway,
Requires a lot of skills and high price to pay.
The mountains and cliffs may scare you now,
However, just remain true to your motherhood vow.

The motherhood highway is indeed for the strong,
So hold on to the wheel, the road is really long.
I know starting the journey is somewhat intense,
But as you go along, it will surely make sense.

Motherhood is truly an empowering adventure,
An experience that you would always treasure.
The ride will be hard and truly exhausting,
In the end, it'll be all worth it, believe me, darling!***


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