Relationship Poems


You'll See
My sister, you see, is much different than me
Her arms always show the flow of the deep red sea
While she cries, she still calls me sweet pea
I hold my breath as,
I wonder who she would be
If she never ate the fruit from the poisonous tree

They fight and scream
I've notice the theme
Of anger then sadness
They're now sleeping in different beds
I wish I could of said
It was time for bed

You lied! She cried
He tried to deny
"I cross my heart and hope to die!"
Growing tired of his ever growing lies
He started to cry
Why would I lie?
Why, why would I lie?

No Rhymes
No one told me
My happiness was up to me
This isn't a poem,
Just a realisation
That I'm truly,
Truly screwed

Coat Hanger
It's murder!
He screamed
It's against my beliefs!
Yet he was nothing more than a thief
I will change, I swear!
We can prepare
You know we are the perfect pair
A baby can fix this
You can make me a better man
We'll run far away from this polluted air
Though he was the toxicity stuck in her hair
His cries turned pointless
When she realised she didn't want this

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