Who Is God?: An Original Poem

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Who Is God?

God is my Creator
He made me in his perfect image
He created the universe
And all that the universe contains

God is my Redeemer
He redeems me from sin
Through the blood of His Son
Who died on the cross for me

God is my Father
Who wants the best for me
He cares about
Every little thing that happen to me

God is my Provider
Taking care of my daily needs
In Him I will have no lack
My life will be bountiful

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God is my Leader
Who helps me to navigate
The ups and down of life
Leading me to a path of righteousness

God is my Cheerleader
Encouraging me every step of the way
When I am about to give up
He is there to help me carry on

God is my Friend
Who stays by my side
Listening to all my troubles and triumphs
Sharing my tears and laughter

God is my Clock
With perfect timing
Even as a door closes
He opens another for me

I can go on forever
On what is God to me
But if I don’t make room in for my life for Him
He will be just a Stranger.

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