"Unparalleled Blessings"


Look at the beauty all around us
It fills our hearts with joy
Open up your eyes, don't be afraid to face it
And love the wonders that nature offers

Nature is amazing, so wonderful and grand
It's an ever-present reminder of the power of the creator
It carries us through sorrow, and it soothes our broken hearts
It's a wonder that we can never fully comprehend

Look out at the horizon, open up your heart
Find solace in the stars, look around, and behold
The flowers will bloom and we'll see the rising sun
Bringing us joy that this world has only just begun

What a privilege it is to call nature our home
We depend on her majesty and her blessings
All day long I was satisfied with what I was seeing
God's love for us is felt through nature

The beauty of the sky, the stars that fill the night
The rolling waves, the sun coming up so bright
Mountaintops, oceans deep, they all give me life
The wonders of nature, I'm so thankful to survive

I can't imagine life without nature
Seeing flowers, feeling sunshine on my skin
Each new day is full of miracles
And I'm so happy that I can feel it freely.


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