"Unchained From The Past"


Maybe times weren't so kind, and seem to put me behind
Leaving wounds that I don't want everyone to find
I can feel the hurt and pain weighing on my mind
But I gotta pick myself up and leave the past behind

We can't change the past
We can still do something for our present and future
Don't let the pain drag you down
It's time for us to take a stand

We can be stronger together and make a better plan
It's time to fight for life and survive
It's time to wake up to the truth
Our journey is full of joy and hardship

We don't have anything that we hold forever
But don't forget that this day will never get old
Let me remind you of your inner power
And embrace your strength as I told

Sometimes the past can really drag you down
It's hard to move on when you're feeling chained
Gotta keep your head up and face the reality
Don't stay stuck, start to make new days

We can't change the past, getting held back by the bound
But if we keep on pushing we’ll make it to the top
We can't change the past, but we can still move ahead
Be brave, and start to take new steps.


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