"Respect Yourself"


When my heart gets broken... all I can see...
Is a broken reflection right back at me
I know I can't expect the world to change
The only one I can trust is my own heart

So if they don't understand it
Don't force them to try
Cause life's too short to be disrespected
You need to show yourself some pride

It's a hard lesson, but it's also true
You can't force people to care about you
So pick up the pieces and start being brave
Go and find your own path and make your way

Once I was so easily fooled
I opened up my heart like a fool
I gave away my trust too fast
Gave what I had, but nothing can last

And I'm saying to myself, don't force it
Don't force yourself on people who don't appreciate you
Give yourself the respect that you deserve
So that others can too... recognize your worth

Be careful who you put your trust in
There are some people who only want to win
They'll try to make you feel small and low
But don't let yourself down


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