"One Imperfect Life"


I'm not foolish for believing
That I'm meant for anything enduring
All I ever tried to do was have some fun
No matter what it seemed that plan would never come true

I was wrong and I had my reasons
But maybe I just let my expectations get ahead of me
Don't make excuses or stay stuck in the past
I try not to struggle or sway too far away from my morals

I'm not looking for a perfect love
We're only brought together for a moment
I'll never expect love to be like sunshine or rainbows
All I know is that every moment has emotion

City traffic won't stick to one lane
So we mix it up and drive each hand on the wheel as all our lives depend upon it
And it's foolish for me to ask for a perfect life
Life isn't perfect and never will be

If it would have been easy maybe you would have made it pencil
If you knew the weight of the world, it would have been bright
But I wouldn't trade my favorite colors from my favorite crayons that you broke
I'll show these crease lines to the older me and tell him to try harder
Never be sorry, just harder than he ever thought he could.


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