"Life's Little Turns"


At the point when I pay attention to individuals' accounts
I can feel what more would they be able to say
I can feel what sentiments would they be able to give
Yet, I can likewise feel my internal battles

Pretend stories
You persistently make
Your psyche battles to think
Persistently making biographies

What more life can be?
What more plans would I be able to make?
What more dreams can come?
Furthermore, what more possibilities would I be able to take?

Rich mornings, sweet mornings
My every day's are loaded up with one of a kind recollections
That nothing can be supplanted with anything
Important continuous quietness

Mornings can be considerably more charming
On the off chance that you like what you do, and appreciate pieces of everything
Your evenings can be serene
In the event that you can in any case feel you're longing for later.


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