"Entrust Destiny"


When it comes to the journey that lies ahead
You don't know where you'll wind up or who you'll meet
But that's alright, no need to be scared
Your future is still far away and it's full of untold stories and epic tales

We're all destined for something, don't worry and be still
God has a plan, even though you may never understand why
Trust in destiny, cause it's the only way to achieve peace
You'll get to the place you've been hoping for all along

So just hold on tight and never give up hope
Cause even in the darkest night, brighter days will come
Be patient, let go of all your fear and despair
Put faith in the path that lies ahead and know that God will take you there

We've all got a destiny to be living, and that's the way it's meant to be
We may not understand it yet, but just keep living life from day to day

When the shadows come and cloud your mind, don't you worry, take it all in stride
Well there's something written for us, all in our very own design
And life will set us on our way, through the struggles, and through the pain
It all will lead us where we're meant, it's a path we can't explain

Don't give up, don't give in, just keep the faith and look ahead
The future is open wide, so never lose sight of where we're meant to be
Let destiny take the wheel, and enjoy the ride as it may come or go
Follow your heart no matter what, and never lose that faith you know.


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