"Choose Your Own Battles"


When it feels like my world's crashing down
When every fight I'm fighting is lost and down
I know I'm not alone and I can always find the strength
To stand real tall and face reality

Choose your battles wisely with your heart in your hand
It's never a failure to choose a battle that you know you will lose
When you think you'll lose, it's okay to walk away
Save yourself from misery to live another day

Sometimes I'm unsure which way to go
Thought I was brave, but fear takes over my soul
Is it worth the risk if I stand my ground?
Or would it be better for me to turn around?

Sometimes it's just not meant to be
You can weigh the pros and cons and still feel lost at sea
When it seems like there's no way out
Take a deep breath and give yourself a chance to doubt

Choose your own battles
Choose a battle that you know you will win
When you think you're gonna lose, it's better to walk away
Save yourself from misery, but don't forget the lessons that still remain

There's no need to stand and fight
Go on your own path and make things right
You don't need any regrets in sight
So stay strong and look for the bright side of life.


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