"Chase Your Own Dreams"


I've been chasing shadows and dreams in the night
I'm searching desperately, missing my light
My dreams just pass me by, but I'm never giving in
The fight has just begun, I'm gonna stand for what I believe in

Don't chase someone who doesn't see your worth, think about your dreams first
Go for what you yearn for, and don't be afraid to try
You'll soon see what you belong to
Chase those dreams and make them come alive

I'm reaching out to destiny, she's never letting go
She's gonna lead me to a new tomorrow
Where I'm powerful and strong and owned by myself
Pursuing love and dreams and turning into something real

Love can be deceiving
When it leaves you believing in a mirage that won't stay
My spirit has been set free
Knowing I'm the light of my own destiny

So don't waste your time pursuing someone who cannot see your worth
Don't settle for someone else's dream of what they believe you should be
Your heart is a treasure, go chase your own dreams and follow what is true
And from that, you'll find a love greater than any other you ever knew

Take strides for courage and put fear away
Because no one can ever take away your strength to persist every day
Your passions are beckoning, so follow wherever they lead
The stars will unfold and love will come, that is guaranteed.


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