"Chained By Sadness"


I've been trying to outrun the darkness all night
Can't seem to shake this heavy feeling deep inside
All I want is a moment to lift these chains off me
I'm so tired and my heart is so weak

Why can't I shake this sad exhaustion?
What else do I need to do?
This sadness is like a thorn in my too-heavy heart
And all I want is to be free of it all

I want to find strength in something more than just me
But all I can do is keep running and pretend to be free
And hope for some kind of peace on the other side
To break these chains of sadness off my life

What else do I need to do?
To get rid of this heavy feeling
My mind keeps spinning in circles of sadness
Like a thorn in my heart and I can't shake it off

I reach for hope, but it fades away so fast
Where is the strength to double up on my battles?
It's like being stranded on an uncharted sea
Can't take another second of this agony

Tired and worn out, it's like I can't rest my soul
The memories of pain lodged deep within my bones
The darkness infiltrates and takes over me
I need the sun to rise and set me free.


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