Crypto Queen Ep. 21: Hivefest announcement, with guest @roelandp!

Crypto Queen Agenda This Week:

This week has been exciting, with presidential elections, Hivefest announements, class action updates against Google and FB, and some interesting blockchain projects on the horizon.

We'll have @roelandp on the show to give us a little insight as to how the VR meetups work, and what to expect from that technology for a group setting.

image.pngHivefest in VR: December, 2020. @roelandp will join us in explaining the VR meet up. I've joined several meetups and game events in VR. When you put on the goggles it's really as if you warp into another dimension. The sound quality and instant responses trick you into feeling you are really together. ~ @roelandp
image.pngJPB Liberty hearing this week 11/19 I've got an invitation to attend the hearing live, remotely! Andrew Hamilton will be making opening statements this week in the class action lawsuit against Google and Facebook. Stay tuned for updates.
Top 4 Blockchain Projects of 2020 Medicalchain, Mobilego, Chronicled, and Brave.
image.pngBattery Day: World Domination using V2G converters "Now You Know" youtubers discuss Elon's secret plans to take over the world using car batteries here.
Suspected Voter Fraud I'm with @ats-david on this one. It's starting to look a little too crazy to be just an anomaly. Interesting video on the subject here

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