Transcend the Cycle: Episode 334


When we practice introspection, or go to a therapist or a coach, we might begin to notice certain patterns in our lives. We might even identify clearly that there is an unhelpful cycle, analyze its parts, and know what is coming next at each stage.

However, knowing the cycle isn’t really enough for us to improve our behavior. We might actually watch the cycle continue, knowing exactly what is going to happen, but still not knowing how to prevent it. We pick up another cigarette or continue to binge on sugary foods, even knowing the consequences.

If we try forcefully to break the cycle, that might serve to affirm its power, and again continue it, though in a modified form.

What will really help us is transcending the cycle, moving into some new pattern of behavior previously unseen. When we do that, sometimes all of our previous problems fade into the background.

Note: In the episode Kurt says Nick Hinton was the creator of the Fatum/Randonaut project. Actually Nick was an early member of the community, but not the creator.

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