No longer screaming for a STAKE ALL button! $PIZZA Legends!

Last night I made a post about how irritating it is to have to click through and stake all my tokens individually. It is. It takes forever and is tedious. It's clunky and requires 15 clicks per token staked not to mention how long it takes for the transactions to go through etc etc etc.

Here is that post griping about it:

Fast forward to today... 10 minutes or so ago in fact...



Guess what the $Pizza team went ahead and did upon hearing myself and others gripe about this inconvenience in the discord chat, with that post, and in the comments?


I mean... How good is that for responsiveness! These guys heard a few people complaining about this and within 24 hours they've built something that solves it.

Hot diggity damn that was fast!

Here is the site:

All you have to do is head over there and click a lovely red Stake Tokens button:


Then a little Hive Keychain action:


Put your Hive Account name in! Then it will give you a handy dandy list of all the tokens you have waiting to stake, in this case it's about 15 tokens:


Click Ok and it opens up Hive Keychain to confirm:


Click confirm and boom its all done!


I then went over to Peakd to verify that all of these tokens were staked successfully and guess what!


There they were! Everything done and taken care of. I verified all of the amounts since this is a brand new tool. No issues! No more carpal tunnel from repetitively clicking or mind numbing boredom spending 30 minutes trying to get everything staked! I couldn't be happier. untitled.gif

@Hivetrending @thebeardflex you are absolute legends in my book and deserve some sort of Medal of Honor for service to HIVE for making this happen. It says an awful lot about what $PIZZA is trying to do to make HIVE more user friendly, provide tools and help for new users, and generally just enhance the community!

For those interested in using this tool I should state that it only works for tokens where you already have some of it staked. So the first time you stake a token you will still need to do so manually before it can be picked up by the tool. It works flawlessly and I know this page is going to be a permanent tab in my browser!

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For anyone interested in finding out more about $PIZZA I recommend jumping into the discord server at:

Checking out @thebeardflex's blog over at:


most of his posts are about $PIZZA updates, contests, giveaways, and announcements.

and checking out the Hive.Pizza site where you can find this staking tool and much more at

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