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Very interesting #POBPhotocontest this week and contest topic is TREES. Humans and trees relationship is very old and trees are very essential for us. Trees serve a lot of purposes like cleaning environment, food production, giving shelter and humans also make many goods from it. Today I am sharing some pictures of trees taken in different parts of Pakistan. My first picture is of an old tree near Islamabad area. This tree's branches have grown into many other trees. This tree age looks like 1 to 2 hundred years. My 2nd picture is of many hundred years old trees preserved on Golra Railway station. These trees are very famous and are used in many songs and drama shoots and surrounding area's people also sit under them in evening.

Sharing few pictures of trees grown in a small check post fort built in 17th century. The terrain of this area is called Potohar, very interesting and trees grown there are very unique.

Sharing few pictures of Shakarparian, Islamabad. This is a place where all official meetings were held in 1960 when Islamabad was built as capital of Pakistan. This is a place where all heads of states plant a tree when ever they visit Pakistan. So these are all very special trees planted by famous heads of states and this place is called Shakarparian Friendship Garden.


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