Will Your Country Be Like This?

It is a fact or propaganda, but when it happens to my country, I think I will reject the zero kopid policy. Zero kopid policy will apply lock down. Lock down will be more disruptive than kopid itself. Can you imagine if there is a lockdown for the second time and you stay in your small room.
You will lack food and fresh air. You do not have any income. For one who has online income is not a big deal but most people earn living from offline world.
How to fight the zero kopid policy? It is simple.... You should stop mentioning Kopid in its full word on social media. You do not have to share any news about kopid. You do not have to talk about kopid with your friends, and you do have to have any flu tests.
You should not wear masks to do all your activities and live normally. You should get social with your families, friends, and neighbors. You should not be afraid to make party.

The policy maker will apply the "zero kopid policy" when they see statistics in social media and other resources. When the kopid stats are low, it is impossible to apply lockdown because the policy will get resistance from citizens. It is time to fight kopid policy.

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