Making Ad Boards For English Private Class Service

This morning I decided to make ad boards for English private class services. Teaching a private class will help me earn more money. I need a lot of money because my kid wants to enter junior high school next year.
One of the reasons to make ad boards is that the fee for a private class is quite high. I will be paid around $40 for 8 meetings. I can manage my own schedule with my student. The schedule is more flexible than regular classes.

I tried to post and ads on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter a few months ago. I got no calls from students. Now, I try to put ad boards on trees on the side of the streets near schools and housing areas. Nailing boards to trees is not forbidden if the tree is on free land.

This morning I painted the boards with an airbrush paint. The problem was making the writing. I should make holes in the alphabet. The result was not good. Next day I want to try to make the printing paper with the thick one.

Currently, I still work randomly. On Monday morning, I teach a regular class from 8 to 12. In the afternoon, I sell my products. I still have much time for new private classes in the morning or afternoon. I hope that with the ad board, I will get two or three students. Thanks for reading; I hope you enjoy my post.

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