And on the sixth day all my posts are worth ZERO...


I live in New Zealand, a country relatively near to Australia, both geographically and now also in terms of totalitarianism, oppression, and globalist agenda.


I'm sure people in Canada and many other countries can fully relate. And many people in America can too, but I suspect a whole lot more are going to be finding out a few dark secrets over the next six months.

Right now I have bigger issues to get triggered by than downvoting on Hive, but it is a microcosm for the wider world.

I own a small business selling natural food supplements. Our range of products is constantly coming under attack from "government" regulations, as well as media hit pieces claiming they are dangerous health risks.

Yesterday one of our suppliers who was set up in a sting operation by a government agency, pleaded guilty in court to some bogus charges, because the alternative was a threat of up to five years in jail. He is expected to receive fines of around $70,000 next month, and his farm has been shut down.

Many of our customers are losing their jobs because they refuse to submit to the graphine oxide injections, and some families are splitting apart at the seams. I have both gained and lost friends over the past 18 months, and in some cases have been surprised, in both good and bad ways, by some of the things I've seen.


If we are going to be taken down, I intend to remain free, at least in mind if nothing else, until my last breath. But I believe we can win this, and if times get hard, we can rise to the occasion.

There are many things I could rant about right now, but I'd better focus on some more pressing activities!

Stay strong, this psyop is all about filling our heads with fear, uncertainty, and doubt.

Being censored online is just a tiny part of that. And if my posts are all worth zero on Hive from this point, so be it, but I will no longer have to watch which aspects of five years on this blockchain I discuss, so my gloves will be coming off!


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