Nectar-Queen v1 "White Paper"

Nectar-Queen is the primary agent of the PLN(PollenLoopNetwork) Token
_Nectar-Queen 1.jpg
(This is a photo of the actual design paper for PLN)
This way you can see more than text alone might convey.
You might notice some amount of sincere thought behind it.

Brief overview of this white piece of paper:
Nectar-Queen uses its own value to seek rewards from a wide array of interconnected systems.
That value is compounded and diversified while sending a portion back to the rewards pool.
(Numerical Values are an approximation of optimal system, subject to change)

Founders: Megalithic/[REDACTED]
Components: PLN/Nectar/Stinger/Ambrosia
Accounts: Nectar-Queen/queen.chains/queen.system

PLN distribution:
Throttled by functions of the system to align incentives.
1.1% founders fund (total) - (disallowed from having less than 1% of supply)
40% pool rewards fund - (distributed based on functions of nectar-queen)
40% nectar-queen fund - (used to power the engine, rate-limited by queen.chains)
9% queen.system fund - [REDACTED] uses this to build [REDACTED]
9% promotional fund - (reward incentives external to the primary system pools)
0.9% wildcard - (used by any queen account as needed / margin of error / dynamic calibration)

Nectar/Stinger/Ambrosia distributions:
Minted as tertiary layer of Queen:PLN interactions
Added to reward pools and supported by Nectar-Queen

Scope of Nectar-Queen Aggregation:
any interaction with layer1 (such as this blog post)
all systems within the layer2 hive engine ecosystem
all hive-local Play2Earn game environments
all hive-local DeFi pools
all staking/mining
all seed funding
even donations
(this means donated value cannot escape the system except through reward pools)
a founder may only draw rewards in the same ways that everyone else does

P2E Pilot: @megalithic

(that is to say, the Play2Earn element will not be hindered by required gameplay ability)
this also means Nectar-Queen is sometimes supported by a $300,000 collection.
note: p2e will be mostly inactive in the early phases, as foundation is built.

Status at launch:
Strong seed fund with initial calibration restricted to the confines of the 0.9% wildcard.
3-week reward distribution for accelerated initial phase, extended before expiration.
500% or higher APR on current rewards pool (1000% at time of posting)
anyone is welcome to participate in rewards



Disclaimer of Risk:
Founder could burn the world down with you in it.
Please avoid the cryptofication of your entire life savings.

Anti-Disclaimer Financial Advice:
average into the pool over periods of time rather than all at once
add PLN gained back into liquidity to maintain or grow % of reward pool
sell NECTAR/STINGER/AMBROSIA back for higher returns or hold to empower the system

Relevant Accounts:
@megalithic @nectar-queen @queen.chains @queen.system

Relevant Links:
PLN swap -
add PLN -

Component Markets -

Current Rewards:

important reiterations:
at time of posting Nectar-Queen is not fully initiated.
all deviation from the whitepaper is done within confines of 0.9% wildcard.
all aspects of the whitepaper are treated as a guideline framework subject to redesign.
significant alterations may be presented as a new whitepaper or simply an update post.
holding PLN outside of the pool is likely to be an act of charity - plan accordingly.

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