The invasion of wasps

A while ago I removed over 13 wasp nests myself. They are all over the place which isn't great if you like to go outside.

I just made 3 wasp catchers out of 2 plastic bottles, a jar and used my homemade mulberry marmalade for it. 😭


The wasps... It is an invasion for sure. Each time I enter the hallway I hear them through the front door! It feels a bit like a horror of Hitchcock. In the living, I hear them too. I start thinking they try to get inside to...
Well, perhaps not to get me but their queen might be inside. Those nests I removed weren't that big 5k wasps live there but still.
So I shut all windows and hope my child will buy some spray to spray himself away inside.

I made wasp catchers before but not one single wasp fell for it! I guess there are too many and if you ask me they love dog- and cat food too.

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