Pinky and Spiky 86: My Room My Rules

The air outside is cool crisp and fresh. Every creature in Browneartopia that morning is excited to see and feel the beautiful morning. The cloudless blue sky, the green apple trees, the free birds flying above what more can you ask for?

Spiky woke up from his food trip partying last night feeling thirsty. The worm burger he barely touched because he is already feeling full is left on top of the table. The onion left a stinky odor inside his room which quickly leaked outside as he opened the big glass window.

Yoshke the dog is having a morning walk and had inhaled most of the stinky air. He told Spiky to clean up but Spiky is too adamant to listen and thus said

this is my room hence my rules

This is my comics entry to the contest of @organduo and @laputis. Hope you like it and choose it as your nomination to win. Just go to the contest link
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I do appreciate all your help and big thanks

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