INTRODUCING PINAK COMMUNITY! MUST READ Gaurdian buyers/traders and KM......SWAPING YOUR TOKEN.....20 PINAK Will go to resteemers!

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ALL members are informed that our new community PINAK AND NEW TOKEN PINAK is live! You can now swap your token Gaurdian in token 2x pinak by chatting with me! sending the screen shot that you are a holder of Gaurdian!

Whats new about PINAK?


Core Strategy:

PINAK is full function and most adaptable, multifunctional utility token! Our goal is to make it as much as usable!

special core:

If you ever played any steem-engine casino game I can bet this that you ultimately lost your money! What ever coding or technology they show you is always harder to trust! BECAUSE YOU ULTIMATELY lose!
Gambling started as a game and now it become almost onesided!
Reason is simple! When someone will pay you he / she who bear the setup cost! Even pay you is really look untrustable. ISN'T IT!

Modern Problem


Yeah, you might be thinking crypto based casino company can pay it without hassel! Of course they can! But Will it be good for investors! Of course not!

What if Gambling is not my buisness!

If you are a master of subway surfer, (lets call it)! You can participate in high score battle with other participants. Only you have to purchase a ticket!
We desires to create this!

Ourwebsite : oneotter.crypto! search this in unstoppable domains browser, opera

or search from token pinak about section hive engine!

Screenshot (43).png


#first important
OF course! this will not get completed within blink! So, for this! We have community to discuss and play games, earn passive income since this community don't use bots and allow people to earn maximally as well as ensuring about investors also that our coin keep showing +ve upward curve! A lot many brain games and giveaways will keep comming! Mostly p2p!

2nd Important:

50% backpurchase in pinak by our side untill we move to bigger exchanges!


Short term premium investment plan like 1 month! Advancement over KM token! nearly 50 % ROI OFFER launched in december!
Don"t purchase (km) it now! But a risky stuffs! No responsibility! Based on asigning a ticket!

more updates comming soon! Read pinak community about section! 100000 pinak for posting, via our community will go for life time! You can earn more by-

A revolutionary and trustable community that desire to initiate trustable P2P gamming and gambling battle for token PINAK/KM!

baroque-4897967_1920 - Copy.jpg

You can earn PINAK/ KM for reading, upvoting and resteeming and overall promoting admins selected post manually! You can earn rewards even for distributing token pinak to community members!

We don't use bots! This community let people earn Hive-engine token PINAK or steem engine KM for promoting the selected blogs! To be a part contact @saun
More updates awaiting!





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