How Shiva brought a man back to life after being eaten by lion?


Once upon a time, there were a gaint dark forest. And it's well known fact that local tribe people stay there. Yogi saints and Agohori of different community usually took up their temporary shelter. And they got chance of hospitality by local tribe people. Out of all those innocent, illiterate people there were husband- wife, who were always keen to follow the teaching and instructions of saints, monks, aghori etc.

In India " Atithi devo bhawa" were followed, means " Guests are god."

And what is good karma, How good karma is effective and rest all!

Yogi follow shiva teaching. So, they often praise Rudra dev.
Because every science is given by Shiva. Lord Shankhar.

Those two Husband and wife became devotee to Lord Shiva.
One day they decided to do ritualistic worship. They took
holistic oath that they will leave worship only when Lord Shiva comes in their front.
They enshrined a stone, not of proper shape, they started
offering any leaves as per rituals shiva linga (means Symbol of shiva) needs Belpatra,(I don't know what it is called in English).

They even pour water, unusually with none of their rituals were correct.

But what they have was full belief on Lord.

Shiva cames in a form of Handsome Yogi. He introduced himself as "Yatinath". Those tribe couples don't wanted to leave their worshipping but as per the saints teaching. They recalled" guest are gods."
So they thought helping a guest is as similar to worshipping Lord!
They took Lord in their home, offer their bed, they even offered the meat of animal as a food with their hand and Lord Shiva even ate that. They washed the Lord's feet with water and drunk it.

They said " O Lord! We drunk exlier, not an ordinary water."
Shiva said " Who told u this? "
"Lord Saints said" Politely replied the wife.

At night they all requested Shiva to sleep and entire night couple keep pressing Shiva feet.
At suddenly, A lion roared, and they hubby, symbolized her wife to stay quite and not to disturb yogi.

He went out from home, just to stop lion so that Yogi don't get disturbed.

Early in the morning, when Shiva woke up, then the wife suddenly went out, and started weeping at the body of her husband. That body to whom the lion quenched his hunger. Several bones were only left "
Shiva told " why you don't awakend me? "

"This was my hubby order. Not to disturb you? " Crying wife said.
She said, " Oh! Yogi. Please kill me, if we did our hospitality fairly with true devotion. I can't live without my husband. Please. "

She knew that after death no one can come.

Lord Shiva Shankar said, " I am much praised by your devotion. No need to dye."

Shiva revived his husband. All fleshes formed again.

Husband soon gain his self consciousness and said you are not a normal Yogi. You looks any biggest Yogi. Are u a dev? Who u are?. .

" Son, I am Shiva, to whom u were worshipping."
In next life u will be king and ur wife queen name Davyanti"
You will rule the world....


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