How much we are working for Oneotter.crypto


Since the launch of PINAK token on hive-engine with lots of funding problems to create our most sophisticated model of oneotter. We have moved towards a new step.
It is more likely that we would shift PINAK from Hive-engine to Tron/Eth/Binance chain/XPX network.

What it's all about! What is new? Why so important? How it's different?
I know you all have lots of questions.
I along with few lead great people are deciding to give a global try this year.
If we succeed. Our dream to open a new earning possibilities for every one will be successful. But if we don't. Let's say all A,B,C fails.
We have to shut the door.
But MVP review has given us 10/10 on telegram.

Let's see where this all go!
How do you like our logo!


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