The Butcher now Pays in Hive and HBD

We have added a new way to cash in on your winnings.

As before, you can send your pigs to the Butcher and get Grunts in return, which you can then sell for Ethereum. (Get the shop item on Level 8 to transfer Grunts to your ETH wallet - read more.)

Starting from now, the Butcher can also pay you in Hive or HBD

When you click the butcher button you now have to choose the currency you want to be paid in.

The Butcher pays different values for different currencies. In general, the Butcher values pigs the following way:

  • The Butcher believes that 1000 XP are worth around $1
  • The Butcher then checks the skill of your pig and multiplies the XP Value with a Skill Value between 0.75 and 1.5 (i.e. minus 50% if your pig’s skill bar is zero, plus 50% if your pig’s skill bar is full)

After you sent the pigs to the butcher it takes a little while for the Pigs to arrive, and after the butcher has successfully butchered the pigs the money will be sent to your account. You can see this in your history.

Based on the dollar value determined above, the Butcher then pays:

  • 90% of that amount in Grunts, or
  • 60% of that amount in Hive, or
  • 60% of that amount in HBD

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The idea is not to use the Butcher as your prefered way to cash out but instead to provide a value floor for your piggery.

Please note that - as before - the Butcher takes only pigs of level 4 or above and you need to have spent at least $30 in the shop at some point in time to use the feature.

The Butcher only needs a specific amount of pigs per currency. If the Butcher already reached that limit, your pigs will just be sent back to your piggery. You can try to cash out in a different currency or simply try again in a couple of days.

Stay tuned

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