Play & Earn up to 500 Hive

Hey Pig Herders,

Did you miss the Play and Earn Promotion? Good because it is back this weekend.

Last times contest was a blast, but this week we want to make it possible to win 500 hive per player. So our Play & Earn contest will be even better this time around with easier requirements. All you have to do is play Piggericks and you will automatically participate in the rewards.

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SAT, Sept 19th - MON, Sept 21th (CEST)



  • Play at least 10 games per day - get at least 10 Hive
  • Play at least 25 games per day - get at least 20 Hive

Multiply the Rewards:

  • Anyone that spends $10 or more in the shop after Sept 18. multiply their reward
  • Multiply Every 10 Games you play per day by 1 Hive for every USD you spend
  • This is capped at 500 Hive per player

Example: over the 3 days you have played on average 30 games per day. This means you have played 90 games overall. You have also spend $25 in the shop. You have now earned a $25 x 3 = 75 Hive.

Another player plays 50 games per day and spends $50 in the shop. She earns $50 x 5 = 250 Hive
A third player plays 30 games per day and spends $200 in the shop and earns 200 x 3 = 500 Hive (cap reached)

… plus all those piggies that defect from your enemy into your own piggery. Need a quick refresher on some strategies?

Learn When to Bank and why you should bring Ugly Pigs to the Battlefield.


  • Play on at least 3 different levels between Saturday and Monday
  • Must have made at least a $10 purchase in the store at some time.

If you play more one day vs another that qualifies as well as long as the average works out.


Because it’s fun, obviously. The more people play Piggericks the merrier, so tell your friends about it and remind them to put in your steem handle as their referral. Starting in August, we will pay out all referral bonuses and will continue to do so monthly thereafter.

Stay tuned

We have much more in store:

Gameplay Trailer
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P.S.: If you need to check how many games you’ve played, you can always do so in your history.

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