Souls Exploring Australia's East Coast in 2021

Aloha all!

I have relocated to Australia from England for most of 2021 as I needed to help a friend out in a time of need and the government team here agreed to let me in to do that. I spent most of this year near Sydney and have recently been visiting an old friend (and early BTC adopter) near the Queensland border. The Australian government is VERY sensitive when it comes to COVID19 cases, so borders get shut down very easily... It looks like I might not make it to Queensland for this reason!

I thought I'd share some photos from the trip to maybe remind people who are unable to travel at the moment, that the rest of the world will still be waiting for them when the current levels of intense confusion surrounding human health and the need for free will movement eventually subside!

Injoy the photos!

Sydney Opera House. My Mum helped to design the roof in the 1960s!

Started out in quarantine for 2 weeks in Darwin - Basically a prison!

Welcomed by this huntsman spider playing dead!

Manly Beach, Sydney

Bondi Beach, Sydney

Sunset, Northern Beaches, Sydney

Pelicans at The Entrance

Gold Coast, Queensland, before border closure!

Tweed Heads, NSW. Almost every sign for Tweed heads has had the T removed, leaving only 'Weed Heads'. haha. So Welcome to the weed mall!

Farmer's Market, Northern NSW

Beach Outlook Near The QLD Border

Another View From the Outlook

Still Beach Air in Northern NSW

Molly The Dog Chilling out!

Wishing you well,
Ura Soul

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