Trainspotting in Rawlins, Wyoming - Mar 25

This month has been a long month for me, today's been long too... I focused on getting back on track for my writing, so by the time I got to my evening post for the day, I was too tired to do much of anything... Even most of my Rawlins trip photos are going to require more brain power than what I have tonight, so...

If you've followed me for very long at all, you'll know that I love trains and I love to take pictures of trains as well.

Rawlins in along I-80 going from San Fran to New York, it's a major thoroughfare for traffic. Along I-80 runs one of the busiest train lines in the country as well (though it's definitely a lot quieter than when I was trainspotting along the same line in Laramie, in the early 90s.)

Anyway, we were taking a quick look along the train yards and saw the telltale lights of an approaching train. I got out of the car and immediately toed the line of where is legal to stand and the where it's not... backing up to get the best picture I could as the train passed under this bridge...



Three Union Pacific locomotives in tandem, pulling a freight train towards the West Coast. Another time, I'll probably look up more information on these models, but that's not going to happen tonight.

The two photos were slightly differently edited, using some different settings. I like them both, but for different reasons. Looks like I missed rotating the bottom one by 0.25 degrees or something like that. (Yes, I notice.) But I still enjoy the pictures as they turned out this time. I can't wait for another opportunity to do some serious trainspotting. (Apparently, it's called "rail fanning" here, but I like the British term better.)

Photos taken by myself in 2019 with my Pentax K30.
[//]:# (!steemitworldmap 41.785979 lat -107.242848 long Front Street trainspotting d3scr)

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