Snowy Walk in a Wyoming November, part 5

I live in a neighborhood where there aren't many opportunities to take good pictures at the street level - not without including things belonging to people... So, a good way to get around this problem is to look up...

This time, I was rewarded with the clearing skies making a stark contrast to the autumn leaves plus the snow still thick on the branches.

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Uncharacteristically, I didn't spend a huge amount of time trying to work out what kind of tree this is. It's not oak, which was the only one I knew of (prior to now) that stubbornly holds on to its leaves over the winter.

(Image available at RedBubble)

More snow coming to Wyoming, though this weekend's storm isn't meant to bring very much - maybe enough to warrant a walk, maybe not... We will see.

All of today's pictures were taken by myself in 2018 with my Pentax K30.

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