Snowy Walk in a Wyoming November, part 4

This next pair of photos were near the end of my walk. I think the shrubs are serviceberries, but I'm not 100% sure on this. They have a very close resemblance to the pictures I looked at on Google. I don't think they're the standard species, but it could easily be a subspecies that grows well in the Rockies. In any case, they made a very good subject for snow photography!

(Image available at RedBubble)

Here's a smaller crop of the same image. Maybe there is enough detail there so that someone might confirm the identity of these berries. I'd love to know!

(Image available at RedBubble)

I love images which contrast the different seasons all at once. I think that the green leaves plus the berries with the addition of heavy snowfall makes a very fun contrast.

All of today's pictures were taken by myself in 2018 with my Pentax K30.

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