Snowy Walk in a Wyoming November, part 3

Today's pair of photos happened as I turned the corner the other morning... this grove of Russian Olives were spectacular.

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Russian Olives are an introduced (and now invasive) species that can be found all over Casper. My husband is also allergic to their pollen! They grow prolifically along the river, and most anywhere else they were planted. What's worse, the deer and antelope don't seem to eat them.

Unlike most plants that I see around me, I have yet to learn of a good use for this plant, despite looking!

They are pretty though. Like small willows in some ways.

(Image available at RedBubble)

Today's pictures were fairly simply edited in Photoscape. I made sure they were the correct angle, cropped unwanted bits out. I hit the "autolevel" button, the "backlight" once or twice. I actually used the "color enhance" setting (hidden behind the "Bright, color" button.) It's very good at bringing out the colors that might otherwise be missed.

I hope you've enjoyed this segment of my snowy walk.

All of today's pictures were taken by myself in 2018 with my Pentax K30.

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