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I mentioned in the last post that flowing water can be photographed in either an active (flow towards camera) or passive (flow away from camera - or across the scene). Almost surprisingly, I had an opportunity to photograph that difference today. It's not the best example because I was too far above the river, but you can see some of my point.

These pictures were taken in Sinks Canyon, Wyoming where the Popo Agie (pronounced poe-POE-zhuh) River winds and flows spectacularly. (More photos coming in the future...)

Here's the first picture, looking upstream from Bruce's Bridge - at the top of Sinks Canyon Road. (The Louis Lake Road which goes further uphill from this point was still closed from the winter.)


I like taking the pictures looking upstream. Somehow the energy of the water flowing towards you makes a very active picture. It's a lot easier to show this when I'm on the bank rather than the bridge over it.

Compare this with the picture below, looking downstream from the same place.


The beauty of the Popo Agie is really captured - it's a beautiful area! But the water flowing away seems to carry away some of the magic, I think. I feel this is a passive image, without the same level of life as the upstream one.

Again, looking down from the bridge - so just water.

And downstream:

The upstream photo just catches the movement and action far better than the downstream image.

Anyway, just a quick post while we're on the road.

Photos taken by myself in June 2019 with my Pentax K30.
[//]:# (!steemitworldmap 42.729940 lat -108.857877 long Bruce's Bridge, Sinks Canyon d3scr)

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