Plants of Ayres Natural Bridge, part 1 - Wondrous Wyoming

Nothing to get a passerby's attention than suddenly sitting on the path, hunched down over a plant! "Are you okay?" the kind person asks.
"Yeah, I'm just taking a picture!" I reply.

I was playing with my macro tube for my Pentax K30 - and these plants were a perfect excuse! I do need to do something about having something to rest my camera on... but I still liked how this turned out.


I managed to identify this one as Slender Wild Parsley (Musineon tenuifolium Nutt. ex T. & G.)

Here is some more information on Slender Wild Parsley with the reminder that this plant is part of the carrot family - a group that has wonderful edibles and horrible poisons (like poison hemlock) - many of them imitating one another. It's best not to play!

Photos taken by myself in May 2019 with my Pentax K30.
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