Photochallenge for Whaleshares - Americana in the Snow - (Friday theme)

I love taking pictures in the snow! But it has to be just right...
Old snow tends to be rather hopeless for photography, it loses that pristine look and is no longer piled on things. Ideally, it should still be snowing with little or no wind. (And not too cold!)

On this particular day, there was three inches on the ground and it was still snowing - just perfect! So, I went out and took a few pictures until my battery died.

I walked a different direction than I did last time. I didn't have any particular goal, just looking for things that felt photogenic to me - especially things that look totally different in the snow than they do normally.

I especially love little bits of folk art and Americana, like this cheerful little welcome windmill.
The red is bleached by the sun, but it stood proudly against the snow, making it rather irresistible to me.


I did use a color enhance on it because I wanted to bring out the little bit of red that was left on the windmill. I dampened it a little with a film effect, which softens it just enough I think.

This is my entry into this week's Friday challenge - as "fun" brought to you by @photochallenge (on Whaleshares.)

Taken with my Pentax K30 in 2019.

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