One Wild and Stormy June

Wild weather on June 12, 2017, produced several tornadoes in Wyoming. The nearest one was only a few miles from us, but did not cause any damage. There were larger ones near Kaycee and Cheyenne.

This is one of the storms I could see from my front porch.

But this was as one of the storms passed to the east of us. As you can see, we had a brief glimpse of sun, so I felt it safe enough to just take a quick peak and grab this awesome picture which made me feel like I was underwater along the shore with the waves crashing down.

This particular storm dropped good-sized hail in Evansville, just a few miles away from us, but thankfully no tornadoes.

I learned at the weather-spotter training course this year (put on by the National Weather Service - a great and free program - be sure to check it out in your area) that Wyoming has only once ever had a tornado as large as EF4 - and that was clear up in Cody, strangely. So, I can feel relatively confident that Wyoming tornadoes are survivable with minimal effort - thankfully!

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