More Snowy Pictures - Wyoming January

Last few pictures from the last snow storm - another one is due tomorrow, though whether it behaves itself is yet to be determined.

I loved the looks of these rocks in someone's yard. We do tend to have awesome rocks in Wyoming. There's a yard downtown where their entire wall is done of beautiful stones, many of them with crystalline structure.


I also love contrasting seasons - the grass in this case, like harvest, now covered in snow.


In this picture, it feels very still-life, with the bike and the truck, both having seen better days. I was sad to see the blur in this one, but it's still a fun image.


I hope you enjoyed this walk with me. Fingers crossed that we might get something good from tomorrow's storm. They were predicting 4-10 inches, but they've now reduced it to 2-5... Here's hoping.

Taken with my Pentax K30 in 2019.

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