Ayres Natural Bridge, part 4 - Wondrous Wyoming

Last time I shared some pictures up LaPrele Creek from the lowest part of the park at Ayres Natural Bridge in central Wyoming.

It seems like everywhere you turn in this park, there are different scenes, backgrounds to serve for photographic subjects.
Here's one just of the creek.


This picture gives a really good time to mention something I've noticed about photography and that's the issue of progressive action (for lack of a better term.) A creek or a river is a great example of this difference. I've taken pictures facing upstream and facing downstream and the downstream ones always look less than spectacular, even if the actual scenery is the same or better. I think it's because the water is traveling away from you, not towards you, so it's a more passive picture rather than the active one taken towards the rushing water.

Maybe next time, I'll take one both directions just to show you the difference.

Here's one of my youngest child, not sure what she's planning to do... other than ignore me... I think it's a nice photo of her though.


Photos taken by myself in May 2019 with my Pentax K30.
[//]:# (!steemitworldmap 42.734160 lat -105.612085 long Ayres Natural Bridge Park d3scr)

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