One Click & Microblogging

Good morning everyone,
I tried my 1st hive mobile experience with ecency app & I am very positive about that app. Honestly I had two issues while sharing photographs here. Because I had to connect my phone to PC or laptop then fix photo sizes and etc before posting here.
Now that problem seems fixed. So, I will use this app to share the daily photography or something that I want to share fast.
One problem still remains. Grammar mistakes while writing a blog. Because I do a lot of grammar mistakes that want to fix with external app like grammerly or etc. Here I still want to find a solution for that. (Hope I could find a solution soon).

Let's talk about the today's photograph. I have no idea about the name of this plant. I took this photograph while visiting my uncle's place. It looks beautiful and having vivid colors isn't it?

Here you can see the BW photograph of the above photograph.

Microblogging seems easy with ECENCY app.

Stay safe and enjoy!

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