Trees of Kenya

In addition to the awesome animals, there are great trees in Kenya!

The iconic Acacia tree

Did you know that there are over 1,000 species of acacia trees and shrubs? They are found on the African Savanna, the Australian Outback and the American Southwest. 1

More cool facts
They are of the pea family and have seed pods
They have really large thorns
They can be small shrubs or large trees
They produce Gum Arabic (which is used in pharmaceuticals and traditional medicine), dye and hard wood.

The trees are an essential part of the habitat of the savanna.

The variety of Trees on the drive from Nairobi to the Maasai Mara

A fun collection of trees

My favorite- An Acacia tree in the stunning Kenyan sunset!

Trees are beautiful and amazing and I am glad I could highlight some great trees in Kenya from my trip Being a photographer for Global Resolve.

1 Encyclopedia Britannica- Acacia

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